Thank you for an amazing first KIDDO KAT Tour!

Kiddo Kat Hamburg Kodak 3200+ (48 von 1)
Posted by Kiddo Kat Category: EP - Why am I so funky?!

I’m looking back on the past weeks and beeing amazingly thankful for my first KIDDO KAT tour!
Special thanks to my homeboys, who grooved their asses off with me on stage. I’m a lucky bastard to have you!
And thanks to all beautiful people who came to celebrate these moments in front of the stage with us.
You where the cherry on top of all this crazy time I’ve had in the last couple of months! I feel blessed…

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One thought on “Thank you for an amazing first KIDDO KAT Tour!

  1. Danke schön, war super gestern in der Münchner Muffathalle. Endlich mal ein Konzert mit zwei main-acts 😉 statt nur support-act. Freue mich auf jedenfalls schon auf ein Wiederhören.
    PS: Lucky Chops waren auch gut. 😀

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